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Amy Blackford

United States Tampa, Florida, United States
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Apr 16, 2011

About Me

I'm 31 years old and originally from Indiana. I have always been passionate about animals and from a very young age I dreamed of working with primates. I graduated from Western KY University with a degree in Anthropology, did an internship at the Gibbon Conservation Center and that sealed the deal. I knew I had to work with primates. Ater graduating, I packed up my belongings and traveled to Tampa, FL and began volunteering at Lowry Park Zoo. I volunteered for 2 years and then was hired as a primate caretaker 5yrs ago and it has been a so amazing. I have become such an Orang person. Oh my, how awesome they are! My ultimate dream is to help save wild Orangs. I just feel so helpless here. I know that I am making a difference educating the guests that visit the zoo and I know I am making a huge difference in the lives of the animals that I take care of. Still...I need to do more. I think I have to or I will never forgive myself.

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Global Education, Sports, Sustainable Development

  • Countries I've visited
    United KingdomUnited Kingdom