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Fleur Smith

Fleur Smith, Action Agent :), N/A...yet?
Australia Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : May 1, 2011

About Me

I'm currently 27 and live on the beautiful Gold Coast in QLD, Australia. I'm a free spirit and rather open minded. I truly care for our planet Earth and believe every single living thing within it is equal and should be respected. I love to travel and try to enjoy and be grateful for each precious moment. I love my life and believe these 3 things contribute to a wonderful one:
1: You are what you eat
2: You are what you say and think you are
3: You should treat others (human, plant and animal) as you wish to be treated.

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Environment, Fair Trade, Natural Disasters, Sustainable Development

  • Countries I've visited
    IndiaIndia      IndonesiaIndonesia      IrelandIreland      MalaysiaMalaysia      NetherlandsNetherlands      New ZealandNew Zealand      SingaporeSingapore      ThailandThailand      United KingdomUnited Kingdom      United StatesUnited States