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Gareth O'Connor

Pending, Pending
Australia Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : May 25, 2012

About Me

"I come from the Land Downunder"... Lol.

A hero of mine, Sir, Edward "Weary" Dunlop had a saying that "It is only at full stretch that a man can reach his full potential." In a lot of ways I am striving for this right now. My life has become a pretty cool action flick really, I mean I dance Salsa or something several nights a week, study acting part time, undertake lessons in Capoeira a marvelous Brazillian Martial Art, take a stab at Parkour weekly, and still fit in time for the gym. Admittedly all I need now is a full time career to get cracking on, what with my new B.SocSc and all. Honestly, this Project Borneo 3D Documentary Action Film would be the best melding of my passions in acting and social sciences and environmentalism.

So, therein lies a vignette bio for now :).



  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Culture, Education, Environment, Globalization, Green Spaces, Health, Human Rights, Media, Peace & Conflict, Sustainable Development, Technology

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    AustraliaAustralia      IrelandIreland      MalaysiaMalaysia      SingaporeSingapore      ThailandThailand      United KingdomUnited Kingdom      United StatesUnited States