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Paula and Natalia

United States Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Languages : English, Spanish
  • Last Login : Jun 27, 2011

About Me

*We were born on 1989 in Bogota, Colombia.
*Completed High School in Colombia on 2006.
*Decided to move to the U.S. after completing High school.
*Completing a Biological Sciences undergard Degree at the University of Georgia.
*Applied last year to UGA's Veterinary school and got accepted.
*Have work at animals hospitals, which are experiences that have serve as inspirations to persue a degree in Veterinary Medicine.
*Worked at Zoo Atlanta in the Primate Department were we got to learn so much about different primates and especially orangutans.
*Working at the Zoo was just a unique and great experience were we got to interact with such smart animals like the Orangutans.
*We became aware of the reality of these animals in the wild, and since then we have always wanted to help them and been trying to educate people about them and what they can do to help them.

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Cultural Diversity, Environment, Global Education, Sustainable Development

  • Countries I've visited
    Costa RicaCosta Rica      Dominican RepublicDominican Republic      NicaraguaNicaragua