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Australia Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Languages : English
  • Last Login : Apr 22, 2011

About Me


I'm 19 years old, a Scorpio, born in Brisbane Australian and have a desire to travel and change the world.

So far in my life, I have been fortunate enough to see countries including Bail, Borneo, Canada, Japan, China, USA and places all over Europe.

Although seeing the cities and meeting the people of these places was amazing, nothing has touched me as much as my contact with animals has.

For instance, in Washington Zoo I was glued to the glass of a gorilla enclosure. I was roughly 14 years old and was surrounded by dozens of young children who were all mesmerised by the animal. I quietly sat in the corner of the inside viewing room, happily enjoying a small glimpse of a young gorilla.

He seemed unfocused and lost in the wildness of his audience. I soon realised that he might be able to see all the faces looking at him. I felt for the animal. He looked so... trapped.

He then started to move around his enclosure, towards my direction. I was fascinated, but didn't get high hopes of seeing him up close. I only wanted him to feel safe and happy in his case.

But he kept moving towards me and was then within a meter of me.

Then the most amazing thing happened.

I don't know how this happened, but somehow, he made eye-contact with me. He then moved closer and sat directly in front of me.

We were within 30 centimetres of one another. We just sat there. For nearly a half hour, looking into each others eyes.

Although we couldn't touch or speak, it felt like we were having a deep and meaningful conversation.

All the other people in the enclosure seemed excited that he was so closely studying someone, a young girl.

But I didn't really notice.

He then moved to his family, but it was something I and I hope he, will never forget.

Since then I've seen elephants and monkeys in bail, orangutans in Borneo, Dolphins in Chicago and so much more.

I'm not sure what I want to do with my life, but im sure I would be very happy if i had a chance to make the world a safer place for our animals, if I could have something like the magic the baby gorilla and I had that day...

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Cultural Diversity, Fair Trade, Freedom of Expression, Global Education, Popular Culture, Sports

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