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Farmer/Cinematographer :), Sophilm
Australia Australia
  • Languages : English, French
  • Last Login : Aug 5, 2011

About Me

welcome all and thank you for visiting my page. Hope you enjoyed the video. For those wondering about some of the animals: the cow's name is Mickaelle, I found her wandering around, probably couple of days after birth, lost and very weak. After couple of months, she was the strongest cow of all Australia :) The goliath stick insect (big green insect in my hand) is Big Bobby, I found her on the road while driving. I stopped the car, wondering what was this big green thing. And here she was, a very friendly insect. (yes, it was a female, she was laying eggs) And Eddy, my emu friend, was in fact a very good friend. Always waiting for me to come back from work. I still think about him, but I know I will never see him again. I am saying all this to get to my point: It doesn't matter that we are not the same, they don't need to be human to be understood or to be respected. The relationship is here. A cow, an insect, or a bird, it doesn't matter. There is a serious relationship that exists. I have hundreds of stories about the attitude of animals and insects with humans. They have so much to say seriously ! We just need to adapt ourselves to their languages so we can understand their needs. By doing so, we might understand what are our real needs.

2007 to 2009 = working in a sustainable forestry program in the Northern Territory of Australia
2010 : Studying at the Sydney Film school - Australia
2011: Working now as an equipment manager at the Sydney Film school and also working on documentaries as a cinematographer/camera operator.
What will happen next ? who knows !! :)

I absolutely love and respect all forms of life. It is amazing to see how clever the planet is.
The beauty of the earth is my inspiration in everything I do. It gives me strength and it inspires me.

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Culture, Education, Educational Technology, Environment, Fair Trade, Languages, Sustainable Development

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