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benjamin nobi

Mr., TakingITglobal
Ghana Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana
  • Languages : English, Twi
  • Last Login : Mar 17, 2012

About Me

My name is Benjamin Nobi. Currently I hold a Higher National Diploma in Marketing. I have had several years of experience in teaching English Language. By temperament I am a melancholic. My hobbies are acting, researching on the internet, singing and cooking. I am a very good christian and I am quite serious with my christian values.
I am looking forward to making a big impact in the world I live in. I am always looking for opportunities where I can positively influence lives and solve problems. I love to travel round the globe to widen my perspectives on issues generally. I love to play any thing tennis. when we talk of ingenuity, creativity and good interpersonal communication then Ben comes into the picture. I am quite a good communicator. And one more thing - I am still single !!!

  • My Interests
    Child & Youth Rights, Informal/Experiential Learning, Sports