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Eloise Stephenson

Planetier, Captain Planet
Australia Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Languages : English, Japanese
  • Last Login : Aug 2, 2011

About Me

To be honest, I can't pinpoint that time in my life that I became so passionate about animals. I was never really surrounded or inundated with wildlife as I lived in Saudi Arabia for more than half my life. Lets face it, the only biodiversity I experienced there was my vast array of pets over the years...

I remember each year in returning back to Australia, I forced my grandmother to take me to the Big Pineapple (a commercial farm with a very small number of native animals - Kangaroos, Koalas, Dingos). Perhaps it was here that my instinctive passions blossomed?

When it came to the end of school, it was never a question about what I was going to study. I never even thought twice about it. It was always going to be Zoology. I have always wanted to study Zoology. Whilst I was in the process of completing my degree, I decided to take it that one step further and combine it with Ecology. Again, a logical option for me as they pretty much
go hand in hand.

Over the years of this tertiary education, I have been bombarded with doubts, and a lack of understanding from society. I have had the response "Oh Zoology, so you want to work in a Zoo?", over and over again, or worse "Oh Zoology, so you like...dinosaurs?", and then WORSE again, "Oh Zoology, so you want to be in Zoo Magazine."

Many of these people that I have spoken to can't understand why I want to embark on a future that does not result in instant fame and fortune. Few people understand that it was never an option for me, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I want to always be learning about the environment, animals and the world around us. I want to be providing solutions through research, education and conservation, on these MEGA global environmental problems we are currently facing. I can't envision myself doing anything else with my life.

If you share these same passions, then feel free to add me as a friend and lets start devising small steps that will make big differences.

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Educational Technology, Fair Trade, Freedom of Expression, Natural Disasters, Sustainable Development

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