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Victoria Kabbani

Canada Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Languages : Arabic, English, French
  • Last Login : Aug 17, 2011

About Me

There are many words that could be use to describe myself but the most common of all my attributes include, determination, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm and I am also energetic. I attend Queen Elizabeth High School, and intend on graduating with full A.P. One of my many aspirations includes, becoming a dentist and opening my own practice. After doing so I plan on travelling the world once a year and donating my dental services to people in need, by becoming part of Dentists Without Borders. The environment is of high concern to me and I try to reflect that through the actions of my everyday life.
Ever since being part of the Connect! program at my school i have been involved in many video conferences that have induced change all over the world. One of which includes the project entitled ``DeforestACTION``. I have become actively involved with making a difference in Borneo and plan on continuing to do so inside, and outside of my personal life, and encourage everyone to do so as well. Change is something we can all watch happen and negative changes occur everyday all over the world. Although it is something completely different and empowering to be part of positive change.

  • My Interests
    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Diseases, Environment, Sustainable Development

  • Countries I've visited
    CanadaCanada      SyriaSyria      TurkeyTurkey      United KingdomUnited Kingdom      United StatesUnited States