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Fabrice Marre

Satellite mapping specialist
France Pau, Aquitaine, France
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish
  • Last Login : Jul 23, 2012

About Me

Our future can sometimes be impacted by the smallest things and I was about twelve when I saw for the first time "The Emerald Forest". No other movie has had such a strong and lasting impact on me. As a kid, I new about deforestation but this movie opened my eyes like never before.

Since then, I have held a strong fascination and respect for rainforests and nature; driving me to move to the Amazon rainforest, devoting my time and energy to work as a satellite mapping specialist. In the last ten years, I've lived in five continents and worked on projects related to illegal fishing, illegal gold mining, deforestation, oil spill monitoring, tsunami recovery efforts and disaster management.

I believe in the power of movies and media to wake up people, it worked for me. My life is dedicated to making planet Earth a better place and I'm more than ready to act in the field and be the voice, eyes and ears of Borneo 3D project.

I love travelling, mainly in tropical countries, love photography, both landscapes and people. I am also a sculptor and musician. Giving before receiving is my philosophy.

I'm creative and idealist and I believe we can change the world...

  • My Interests
    Climate Change, Natural Disasters

  • Countries I've visited
    BrazilBrazil      CanadaCanada      Costa RicaCosta Rica      French GuianaFrench Guiana      IndonesiaIndonesia      JapanJapan      MadagascarMadagascar      New ZealandNew Zealand      PanamaPanama      PhilippinesPhilippines      SpainSpain      ThailandThailand      United StatesUnited States

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