Shout 1, Challenge 2: A Universe of Trees


Your challenge is to develop a spreadsheet of data that responds to the question: "How well would trees in my neighborhood grow on other planets?"


Identify and map out trees in your neighborhood and analyze what they need to survive. Use Microsoft’s free WorldWide Telescope tool to learn about the atmosphere and conditions on other planets, to determine whether they would do well there. Try searching Bing News for recent news articles about images of what appear to be trees on Mars. Share your data and conclusions using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and post it to the Shout 1 - Live folder. You can take this challenge to the next level through local and global actions, such as:

  • Growing terrariums for a real world understanding of how an atmosphere works. Your class could challenge the rest of the school to help raise enough money to plant a native tree in the school yard or a local park.
  • Joining DeforestACTION, a Shout global action project, to collaborate with students who are working to reforest areas in Borneo to create and preserve habitat for orangutans.

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