Shout 5, Challenge 3: Community Narratives - Citizens Recording History (b)


In 2005, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival showcased the USDA Forest Service on its 100th anniversary. Oral historians interviewed 85 current and former Forest Service employees, including rangers, biologists, smoke jumpers, wild cave supervisors, and a forest products technician. In this challenge, you will read their stories and create a presentation about one of them.


Read the stories of the Forest Service employees in their interviews with oral historians on the Folklife Festival site for a glimpse into the many challenges facing forests and how they are being addressed. Pick the interview that interests you most, and convert the PDF into a rich multi-media presentation. You can use Plex for PowerPoint, a free add-on for PowerPoint that makes it simple to present non-linear content and interact with your slides more dynamically. Upload and share your presentation in the Value the Land folder.

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