Shout 4, Challenge 5: DeforestACTION


Learn about deforestation through the DeforestACTION program.


Young people across the planet have united to create DeforestACTION. Register, participate in a virtual classroom, join a DeforestACTION collaboration space, and work with learners to design a local project that impacts your community. See the DeforestACTION guide from the Teacher's Zone, for step by step instructions on how to get started. Join the DeforestACTION Headquarters, and work with other schools around the world on a collaborative project to halt the destruction of important rainforests and create a permanent home for orangutans in Borneo. Each action that you take through DeforestACTION will allow you to earn points. Students with the most points will be eligible for a range of unique opportunities including, personally interacting with orangutans, prizes and more!

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