Shout 4, Challenge 1: Tigers on the Brink of Extinction A


Learn about "camera trapping" of tigers and other wild animals and simulate this method of tracking animals by creating a photo essay that tracks a pet or other animal common to your environment. On a global scale, investigate the effects of souvenir production and wildlife trafficking on tigers and other animals.


Learn about camera trapping at the Smithsonian Wild website. In groups, observe and record the daily activities of a pet or common animal (such as a squirrel or cricket) within your own environment. Use Photo Story 3 to produce an informative digital story of your observations and findings and post your movie to the Shout 4 Sustain folder. Investigate what is happening with tigers and other animals being threatened through wildlife trafficking to make souvenirs around the world. Use Bing Maps to mark the locations of souvenirs that are being made out of endangered animals. Share your Bing Map in the Shout 4 Sustain folder and compare the global issues you addressed with students from around the world.

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