Shout 2, Challenge 1: Name that Tree


Working in groups, identify three different types of trees that are growing near you. The leaves, the bark, and the shape of the crown or top of the tree are different for every species!


Take detailed photos of each tree and create a three-dimensional model using Photosynth, Microsoft's free software tool available to download, and post the links to your tree Photosynths in the Shout 2 - Study folder. Take it a step further with these local and global actions:

  • Tree Planting Challenge: Consider having your class challenge the rest of the school to help raise enough money to plant native trees in the school yard or the local park. Once the trees have been planted, use Bing Maps to mark the trees on an aerial map of the chosen location. Deepen the level of detail by adding notes about each type of tree and noting whether or not each tree is native to the local environment or not.
  • Join DeforestACTION, a global challenge that raises awareness about the destruction of native forests, and collaborate with students who are working to reforest land in Borneo to create safe habitat for orangutans.

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