Shout 5, Challenge 4: Tree Banding


Get to know the trees near you! In this challenge, you will take photos, make bark rubbings and map trees in your area to contribute to the monitoring of trees worldwide!


Take photos of some trees in your area, and with crayon and paper, make a rubbing of its leaves or bark. (You can also try the Life As A Leaf challenge!) Plot your trees on a map of your school. Use Bing Maps to mark the trees on an aerial map. Add notes about each type of tree and note whether or not each tree is native to the local environment or not. Post a link to your Bing Map and upload your pictures and descriptions of the leaves and trees to the Shout 3 - Change folder. Join schools around the world and monitor the growth of trees. Check out all the participating schools and their Tree Banding results on our Shout World Map App. The Tree Banding challenge is a great way to contribute to vital information to a global database of student-generated findings, thereby collaborating on an important ecological study of how trees respond to climate! We require a minimum of two measurements per year: at the beginning and end of the growing season. You may, however, take as many measurements as you like...daily in fact! The more data we collect, the better!

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