Shout 3, Challenge 1: The Art of Science


Examine how a work of art can add to our understanding of complex global issues such as evolutionary biology, deforestation, and climate change.


Look at the online exhibitions of artists Alexis Rockman and John Gossage to see what they're telling us through their art work. Find an image from the links above, or create a new image that that tells viewers what you want to say. Post the images to the Shout 3 - Change folder. Seeking inspiration from Rockman's collection, use Kodu to create terrain style artwork that explores the world's fragile ecosystem. Microsoft's Kodu terrain painting tool offers dozens of different terrain styles, colours, textures and patterns with an extensive brush range that are all resizable. The lighting, sky and background colours are all controllable, therefore can effectively control the canvas colour and lighting conditions. Save your Kodu artwork as a file and upload the images to the Shout 3 - Change folder.

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